Apple console project resumes with force

The latest statements of the CEO have reopened the door to a long-rumored possibility and, in part desired: the arrival of the Cupertino firm consoles sector, as final step of its growing presence in the game industry. Enthusiasm and potential, it seems there.

apple console

Clearly, the company is high at the moment. Without going any further, it has emerged recently that has sold more than 200 million devices, including tablets, smartphones, computers, iPods, and a myriad of products, including the Apple TV, television platform that in just the last quarter has registered more than 2 million of new users.

As usual, the company seeks, through the dynamics of these results, new areas in which to expand their networks. And whenever we talk about it, the different media quickly point to the same direction: the video game industry, whose presence is growing thanks to the vast catalog that offers its App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod, without the Mac and even offering its TV platform, which also includes a lot of titles.

The doors will reopen

And the idea has again gaining strength after admissions by Tim Cook, the company’s executive producer, who has said they are willing to increase their presence in the entertainment industry, where he says, “there are many things we can do”, in his talk at the last meeting of the company on the results achieved in the past year, according to various media collected as CVG.

This has been added that will be introduced into the field to see where your adventure takes you. A goal that could well be a console itself, as noted by the middle of last year, when a series of patents published by the company and then let see a project command and a receiving system that were understood as a hardware to play video games.

It seems a good time to go into it with a single product, without major investment, and in turn as evidence first step, who knows give the final leap to consoles sector.

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