Call into the question of the future of Wii U before the release of the next generation of consoles

A new analyst has joined the voices that suggest that the new Nintendo console will suffer some lock once Sony and Microsoft put on the market its new Xbox and Playstation 4. Before the release of these, Wii U will fail to maintain the momentum of sales currently showing, forcing the Big N to adapt its strategy to continue to be on top.

wii u next gen

Because currently, while sales of the new platform have not succeeded in overcoming in number to what its predecessor did in that time, that it has succeeded, according to the company, it recently announced raise more benefits than that, so its leaders could do another thing that show happy, even more so in the economic context that is living in the moment.

A good entry into the market has been recognized by virtually everyone in the industry, and much of specialists and industry analysts. The last one has been Piers Harding-Rolls, senior analyst at the firm Screen Digest, which has recently granted an interview to the Edge portal. However, this likes other colleague questions that are to maintain that path for a not too distant future.

In main problem, of course, is named for next-gen, or next generation consoles, whose release is expected (and thus joins the vast majority of specialists) for this year end.

In this sense, once in the Xbox 720 and PS4 market, it seems, as Harding-Rolls, the current platform will suffer a clear decrease in sales, with the big push to get those, forcing the Japanese company to react as quickly as possible to maintain its commitment as a great alternative.

Possible consequences

And if you do not reacts promise, Nintendo will be completely isolated from the market, as is already happening, because unlike the rest of the field, it only focuses on the video game industry, while the rest diversifies its products other sectors of the entertainment but it can serve as support for their presence in it.

The analyst gives an example of this isolation and therefore a certain lag behind its competitors in the offer proposed by companies like Sony, Microsoft or even Apple in terms of cloud services and, especially, online content, well above what is currently offered by the Big N.

Possible changes in strategy

Logically, a strategy to be followed by the Japanese manufacturer to counter the release of the next-gen is a major cut in the price of the console, taking advantage of the new hardware from the competition, as expected, will come with a high cost hardly affordable for most users, so a good deal would be a great attraction.

However, for the mentioned analyst, the solution could be found in another aspect, which is none other than enhancing third product that could be linked to your console via a potentiation of its online service, in a way Similarly, he says, to what Microsoft does with its application SmartGlass or Sony with its PlayStation Mobile.


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