Gears of War Judgment include the first title in the series

Gears of War Judgment will include the first title of the series. The first players to win the title enjoy a download code for Xbox Live, which can be done with this gem, a classic of the genre of third person action. To celebrate, we show a new gameplay video title.


Those who do keep in mind with the new Gears of War are in luck. The company has confirmed that the first batch of Judgment will come accompanied by a download code for Xbox Live that once implemented will give us access to the digital version of the first title.

No doubt, great news for fans of the series and for those who come to prevail at the same time. Given that the new title is actually a prequel, it is worth knowing the origins of the series, in this case are after Judgment.

Besides the narrative level is an excellent opportunity to learn the basis of a franchise, that chair sat within games third-person action. A title, whose gameplay has been an inspiration to all TPS of that price.

In addition incentives are detailed in the book edition of the title. Those who order the game will be a weapon Hammerbust for multiplayer. The other contents vary depending on the location and the distributor. To celebrate this news, we leave you with the new gameplay, a video in which you can check the potential of its playability.

The title developed now by People Can Fly promises to offer the best action of the day supported by a powerful multiplayer. Ultimately the best choice, if you are fans of the series and are looking for an action game with all of the law.

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