Release date of GTA Vice City on PlayStation 3

It has been officially confirmed that many took for sure: the new arrival classic Grand Theft Auto to the current Sony console. And for the premiere, the Japanese company has already given date: GTA Vice City will return to the middle of next week. The best submissions are already waiting for PS3 which will intuit the greatest of all.


It is none other logically GTA V. But it still has to wait a few months. We do not know exactly how many but at least a couple of them (most likely four). Rockstar is aware of the expectation created is taking this back to the scene of its most popular franchise to recover memory lane of some of their deliveries more emblematic.

We saw how during the month of December, the developer again to sell the two most memorable titles from the previous generation, still considered by many to be the top two . And those are, of course, the San Andreas and Vice City.

The first came in the middle of that month to the online platform of Sony, a possibility that is opened by the end of October and the company confirmed its release, accompanied by a hilarious video.

Meanwhile, the second also returning to the fore, but this time aimed at smartphones and tablets, first of Apple, Android and later, on the occasion of its tenth anniversary, since its original release, in the wake of what has already GTA III did previously.

But all presaged that this revival would not stay in the devices and indeed we can safely say that the title will also come to PlayStation 3. He will as reported by Sony itself to the middle of next week, in particular on Wednesday, January 30th, logically via PS Network.

This release will come in the category of classic PlayStation 2 program that aims to restore the legendary games of veteran console as the time went on that is do not expect a graphical or a step high definition. Vice City will look the same to do on PS2, this time at a price of 9.99 euros.

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