Resident Evil 6 gets its second major update

After having announced well in advance, so timely Capcom releases a new title patch, which will bring a significant updates to its playability unlock game modes and adjustments in the difficulty levels. Resident Evil 6 continues to improve for continue convincing its users.


Whatever it is what the company will bring in the hand for the future, whether it’s a remake of the great title of Nintendo 3DS RE: Revelations for home consoles, either a Resident Evil 7, the truth is that it does not forget The sixth installment of the main series, the last to see the light and that may have caused more controversy than ever within the franchise.

But back in the news today because finally received the title update announced and as mentioned above at the time, will bring significant improvements, especially around the settings in the level of difficulty for both veterans and more novices, adapting to demonstrate skills throughout the game.

Recall that for the latter will offer a little help in the quick time events, enabling them to more easily overcome, something that surely appreciate given the desperation that supposed inability to complete almost any of them to the difficulty. Aid which can be activated and deactivated at any time.

Also the criteria for choosing which game multiplayer entry will be expanded, with a choice of scenarios, levels of difficulty, and the starting conditions imposed by the user before entering them.

The most interesting, certainly the possibility of access to any mission of each individual campaign once completed to replay and, especially free access mode Agents Hunt from the first time without completing the three individual campaigns. So, finally Resident Evil 6 is reset to point to further refine and improve the impressions left in the audience.

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