Temple Run 2 is now available on iPhone and iPad totally free

App Store already offers users the ability to enjoy the sequel to one of the games most successful phones and tablets at the time. The adventure of the famous corridor continues to grow, now with new game modes that we have allowed to see their first promotional video. Temple Run 2 is ready to burst discharges. An Android will arrive next week.


Everyone, and even less common in the world of video games on the market for smartphones and tablets, has tried or know the name of Temple Run. And no wonder, because the title has managed to overcome a whopping figure of 170 million downloads, since its launch in mid-2011 in iOS and in March 2012 in Android.

A figure at the height of the largest. His keys: a simple but addictive gameplay (many have spent hours and trying to travel the maximum possible kilometers), a very accomplished display and of course, which is free. Getting the different challenges is undoubtedly, what we hooked to the screen.

Now, it is time to go further and make the leap into a new phase, that is, to the sequel title that its leaders, Imangi Studios, has already launched applications for Apple’s platform.

Thus, iOS users can now enjoy the new journey of their corridor, where we expect new forms of play and above all obstacles not seen before. Also new is the beast that haunt us, but in reality it is a much more brutal version of which we escaped in the first installment. And many more new features.

But better you can see it with your own eyes in the video that have been published recently, and where we can see the improvements made ​​visually, especially in the scenes. Especially on an iPhone 5, for which the title has been optimized to the maximum. Hold on tight because even large jump ropes.

As mentioned, this Temple Run 2 is now available in App Store for iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 between phones, iPad and iPod touch (the latter from third to fifth generation), all of them with version 4.2 of iOS or higher. For its part, will be next week when they make the leap to the Android operating system.

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