The new DLC for Black Ops 2, Revolution, will not come to Wii U

The latest statements of Activision have sat like a jug of cold water among many users of the new Nintendo console. And is that recently came speculating the possibility that eventually the new maps and gameplay, itself would be the company has confirmed that for now, Black Ops 2 will only expand and soon Xbox 360 PC and PS3.


All this in the wake of the series of rumors that have emerged over the last few hours and which placed the brand new expansion for the title in the orbit of the platform, even though neither the developer nor the producer had placed between the systems in which they planned to premiere.

And rumors arose when several supposedly console users have reported that once downloaded the latest update of the version, it was announced that the system would be prepared for the arrival of the new DLC.

However, to avoid further suspicion, Activision has made ​​clear that there are no plans to bring the new maps to the mentioned console, bluntly denying rumors pointing otherwise.

So, the version that was prepared for the platform will be expanded as if it will do the rest. May be due to poor performance in the online section is registering this version, with a number of daily users who access the multiplayer pretty lame compared to the others, so that the distributor would not be willing to release a DLC with a low number of potential buyers.

Possibly another good reason is required to adapt the maps and game mode GamePad functions, which could constitute another hurdle for the developer to initiate work release.

Anyway, the Wii U can go leave of Revolutions, since there appears close on the day to see the light. We recall that this new expansion for Black Ops II is now available for Xbox Live and about a month after coming to PC and PlayStation 3.

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