PlayStation 4 will be released during the next Christmas in 2013

Sources close to Sony say the Japanese giant will launch the console PlayStation 4 before the end of this year in time for the upcoming Christmas of 2013, which would compete against the New Xbox.

playstation 4

The newspaper WallStreetJournal ensures that the new platform will be released ahead of schedule. The consoles will be presented on February 20 and be premieres by 2013, in time for shopping Christmas where as we read will compete with the new consoles from Microsoft.

As you see, do not speak of any means. This time echoes launch a generalist newspaper, one of the largest in the United States. The clarity with which the medium is expressed, based on sources close to Sony, invites us to think of an imminent launch. Add to that the climate that has been generated in recent days around this platform (in its hottest issue with the famous teaser) the information is gaining strength by the minute.

A launch carrying at a crucial moment. To give you an idea, just in the U.S. sales of new entertainment products, related to video games, have fallen one 22%. Similarly, Nintendo has been forced to reduce their sales expectations about Wii U and 3DS.

A new salutary

The arrival of this system could act as a lever, activating an economy that fails precisely because it is best. In this sense, a console is always stimulating and invites launch new sagas, but now Sony should make an extra effort.

New challenges

Seems confirmed that we will not live a jump shattering the graphics, at least not as significant as the one that occurred with the departure of PlayStaiton 3. In this regard, the company will introduce new ways to play, providing an ecosystem adapted to the times of social networks, or adapt to models such as Free-to-Play, or even play in the cloud.

In any case, it seems that Kyoto unwilling to reach the last race of the Next-Gen. If confirmed the news, for the next Christmas would the three consoles of new generation competing to win the gamer.

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