Again with the benefits of PlayStation 4

Once again, the PlayStation 4 console stars in the latest rumors from the scene. This time, we collect data that could shed new insights into the gameplay system and power. A new control and better technology than its rivals.

At least that is what emerges from the latest leaks published by the middle EDGE, which reveal new information system. Based on these data, we confirm the latest technical features of the console, those that put Orbis with 4 GB of RAM.

Despite this fact, in principle less than 8 GB of Durango, the GDDR5 would solve the effect bottleneck or bottleneck of PlayStation 3. However, the sources consulted by EDGE say the Japanese giant will make every effort to match these benefits to your opponent, increasing the RAM up to 8 GB.

Both systems, the Sony and Microsoft would be built on an 8-core AMD at 1.6 Ghz. Microsoft bet, however by a GPU D3D11.xy Sony by AMD R10XX. The sources are choosing PlayStation 4, which would be more potent than the New Xbox.

It seems that the Dualshock suffer some modifications, but will not be to approximate the GamePad but to control PS Vita. Instead of the Select button, we will have a small touchpad to enhance gameplay.

They add the button to share it in a once clicked; will allow us to store and broadcast videos or pictures with our community. This function will record 15 minutes of our departure, then we could edit and upload to the network PlayStation Eye.

Finally, an enhanced version of PlayStation Eye will play a decisive role in the gameplay and interaction with the gamer. Similarly, PS Move the load again. Around $ 495 which we assume will result in 500 euros.

PlayStation 4 will be released during the next Christmas in 2013

Sources close to Sony say the Japanese giant will launch the console PlayStation 4 before the end of this year in time for the upcoming Christmas of 2013, which would compete against the New Xbox.

playstation 4

The newspaper WallStreetJournal ensures that the new platform will be released ahead of schedule. The consoles will be presented on February 20 and be premieres by 2013, in time for shopping Christmas where as we read will compete with the new consoles from Microsoft. Continue reading PlayStation 4 will be released during the next Christmas in 2013

Call into the question of the future of Wii U before the release of the next generation of consoles

A new analyst has joined the voices that suggest that the new Nintendo console will suffer some lock once Sony and Microsoft put on the market its new Xbox and Playstation 4. Before the release of these, Wii U will fail to maintain the momentum of sales currently showing, forcing the Big N to adapt its strategy to continue to be on top.

wii u next gen

Because currently, while sales of the new platform have not succeeded in overcoming in number to what its predecessor did in that time, that it has succeeded, according to the company, it recently announced raise more benefits than that, so its leaders could do another thing that show happy, even more so in the economic context that is living in the moment. Continue reading Call into the question of the future of Wii U before the release of the next generation of consoles

Apple console project resumes with force

The latest statements of the CEO have reopened the door to a long-rumored possibility and, in part desired: the arrival of the Cupertino firm consoles sector, as final step of its growing presence in the game industry. Enthusiasm and potential, it seems there.

apple console

Clearly, the company is high at the moment. Without going any further, it has emerged recently that has sold more than 200 million devices, including tablets, smartphones, computers, iPods, and a myriad of products, including the Apple TV, television platform that in just the last quarter has registered more than 2 million of new users. Continue reading Apple console project resumes with force

Early reviews of the Wii U Virtual Console

The Virtual Console on Wii U has begun receiving the first reviews. The games would be released in this service using the 50 Hz mode, much maligned among gamers. The difference between these titles and running at 60 Hz is evident, why has spread discontent. Most striking of all, it only applies to European players.


The site Eurogamer has echoed a new problem on Wii U. Players of this platform have expressed discomfort when downloading the title Balloon Fight NES and verify that this works at 50 Hz, decreasing the speed in execution compared to other regions, where the title does work at 60 Hz.

This is the same problem that occurred in the Virtual Console on Wii U. Given that users will have to pay again for downloaded titles on this platform (with a large discount, of course), it’s understandable discomfort generated. And, as you see, the news has spread like wildfire. Continue reading Early reviews of the Wii U Virtual Console

Nintendo denies having plagiarized the iPad to the Wii U Remote

The Japanese company claims to have conceived the idea at the end of the last decade, when Apple had not yet opened the tablet sector with its first device in April 2010. This wants to close the controversy and accusations of plagiarism that have arisen around the GamePad. Wii U, they argue, is an original project.


Because it is true that in most cases, the descriptions before and after have been conducted around the consoles revolutionary controller have used the comparison with the tablets, currently the most emerging technology sector of the market. Continue reading Nintendo denies having plagiarized the iPad to the Wii U Remote

The CES 2013 brings the cheapest version of the Wii U Pro Controller

Nyko has presented at the CES 2013 its new controller for Wii U. This is the Commander Pro version cheapest we can find the Pro Controller. The company reduced the price $ 15 original command, which opens next week in the United States.


Besides the latest news on technology and peripherals, many companies use the CES 2013 for showcasing their best products. This applies to Nyko, which today unveiled its new controller for Wii U, a version of Pro Controller whose main attraction is the starting price. Continue reading The CES 2013 brings the cheapest version of the Wii U Pro Controller

Microsoft will boost supply of streaming and applications on Xbox 720

The U.S. Company has acquired R2 Studios, a company specializing in this type of service and famous for the distribution of applications as varied. All with implications in the field of consoles, with which could becomes the new Xbox 720 and more than just a leisure center in the home.


Because the multinational has chosen to expand their platforms beyond the gaming industry, and now with its current Xbox 360 and the latest update offers a wide range of leisure activities for the entire home, in order to make their product attractive also outside the gamer audience, especially due to the ability to view TV channels, movies or series.

And it seems that with their console for the next generation they want to continue investing in this way and to extend the functions can offer to make it little more than a device indispensable in the home. Continue reading Microsoft will boost supply of streaming and applications on Xbox 720