Will Kinect play a decisive role in FIFA 13 and PES 2013?

Both EA Sports and Konami have expressed their desire to implement the technology Kinect in their sagas. FIFA 13 has already shown his work with the peripheral and, predictably, the giant Nippon not take too long to do the same with PES 2013. Will Kinect play a crucial role in the progress of both series?

fifa 13 and pes 2013

This last week we got to know some of the unique features that present version of FIFA 13 and Xbox 360 thanks to technology b. The ability to change tactics, make changes or commentators react to our emotions in the field are the first examples. Continue reading Will Kinect play a decisive role in FIFA 13 and PES 2013?

FIFA 13 will feature a unique application for iPhone and Android phones

Electronic Arts has released its EA Sports Football Club, the application for mobile Android operating system iOS and linked to FIFA 13. With it you can be continuously connected with the new FIFA so much to see and interact with certain features of the game, particularly around the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team.

fifa 13
Clearly, each passing year, EA Sports strives to dump their FIFA to the online experience, not simply to allow play matches against other players, but to create a true online community network with FIFA as the leading player, with to exchange views, statistics, etc., while relishing in different types of multiplayer battles. Continue reading FIFA 13 will feature a unique application for iPhone and Android phones

Curiosities of video games

Some of the most significant games in history are hiding behind secrets that we may not know although we have played in countless moments of our lives. So then we began a review about the main sights that make these platforms, noting that, for example, the map of game-play of GTA San Andreas is 44 square kilometers or nearly 5 times more than in other Game versions, such as Liberty or Vice City.

curiosities of video games

Then, if you are a big fan of PacMan, then you probably do not know which is the maximum score you can get to get in this game, be it of 3,333,360 points, and if you’ve spent days playing Oddworld5, know that its developers produced several other consequences of the same title but then were not released, such as the so-called The Hand of Odd, Squeek’s Oddysee and SligStorm. Continue reading Curiosities of video games

Logitech launches new mouse for gamers

Logitech has introduced the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse, the latest addition to its line of ‘gaming’ G-Series. This is a fully customized mouse designed specifically for MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) gamers. The mouse features 20 buttons -12 of them for use with the thumb-designed to be affordable for fast navigation and better control of the game.

logitech g600 mmo gaming mouse

Users who are familiar with the MMO game are used to having to control a large number of buttons to activate multiple powers and options of the games. Traditionally used the keyboard as a way to quickly access, the buttons are configured for different actions. However, Logitech wanted to create a mouse that allows access to all these commands directly from the mouse itself without having to let go at any time. Continue reading Logitech launches new mouse for gamers

Epic Games prepares an exclusive game for PC

Epic Games, the studio behind successful franchises like Unreal Tournament and Gears of War, has confirmed that now works in a game to be released exclusively for PC.

Epic Games surprised many PC gamers in the early 2000 with the spectacular Unreal Tournament series, delivering a multiplayer experience unique.

epic games

Over the years, the developer began to focus on consoles, especially on the Xbox 360, Gears of War series.

Now, the study confirmed, via Joystiq, who will return to its roots of PC. President Mike Capps and creative director Cliff Bleszinski told fans at PAX East conference last week, which is developing a new game and it was released exclusively for PC. Continue reading Epic Games prepares an exclusive game for PC

Microsoft unveils site for game developers

Buildnewgames.com, a new Web site sponsored by Microsoft, is intended to help developers who want to build open source games that run in browsers. The site was presented at the JSConf 2012. Although sponsored by Microsoft, is operated by Bocoup, an open web technology company are looking to these technologies become viable through consulting, training and the well-known evangelists of these issues. Finally it seeks to develop free games and plug-ins with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

build new games

The site launched with five items:

  1. WebSockets: A Guide.
  2. Taming the SVG Beast.
  3. Sprite Animation.
  4. Mobile Game Primer.
  5. Global Composite Operations – Your Canvas Utility Belt.

These articles are relatively long and well illustrated, and in some cases include code. Continue reading Microsoft unveils site for game developers

Facebook aims high on online gaming

Facebook improves the platform for the games with new techniques and new categories. Palo Alto strong points on online gaming.

facebook online gaming

Facebook has updated its platform dedicated to the game by introducing the events related in them in the mobile news feeds, as well as providing developers with the ability to identify their titles with new categories and put together and the same applications on a single page called “App & Games”.

The news feed is a courageous step since mobile is likely to increase the commitment for cross-platform games which you can access through the Facebook mobile platform based on HTML5. The news will appear to both players and non players, depending on the frequency with which their friends test themselves in entertainment electronics weblog Facebook. Continue reading Facebook aims high on online gaming

Promotional video for ‘Need for Speed: The Run’

On November 18 we will enjoy in Europe ‘Need for Speed: The Run’ , a great game that is being given a lot of hype due to the advertising campaign that Electronic Arts is taking place for some months.

need for speed the run

In fact, both are striving to have even hired the talented Michael Bay to create their latest promotional video. It lasts about two and half minutes and the truth is that it is a delight.

Video games develop creativity

According to research at Michigan State University, the use of video games help the development of creativity in children.


How often children and young students were reprimanded for too much time spent in front of a video game? A new study, published by Michigan State University in the journal “Computers in Human Behavior,” suggests, however, that the children could take advantage of the game and develop their creativity as well.

It does not matter if the games are violent or not: on the contrary, the more you played the more you can get creative. And, according to the researcher and psychologist Linda Jackson, the game designers should investigate aspects of the game that are most responsible for this effect, hoping for a future in which no discernible difference between education and entertainment. Continue reading Video games develop creativity

Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand

At nine multiplayer maps Battlefield 3 adds four others remade for Battlefield 2 and more users have demanded: Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman, Sharqi Peninsula, and Wake Island. To this, the first DLC for the most realistic shooter of the year will add new weapons, vehicles, medals and achievements. Electronic Arts has taught us what this gift for reserving the game at certain stores or a very substantial addition of 10 Euros for those who do not want to leave your gun. So it will return to Karkand.


EA has decided to organize the release of Battlefield 3 in a somewhat curious but increasingly common. The big game of this month will receive its first big expansion in the form of DLC, yes, free for reserving the game at certain retailers at a price not too high for those without. Back to Karkand is the map pack, weapons and multiplayer achievements extending from 9 to 13 scenarios where you play the games, in a return to the locations that the previous Battlefield fans have been asking for, namely the map Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman, Sharqi Peninsula, and Wake Island, which have now been redesigned, adapted to the graphic power Frostbite 2 and expanded to make a balanced and even more fun items for up to 64 players in the PC version we tested last week at EA Winter Showcase that the company has organized in London. Continue reading Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand