Again with the benefits of PlayStation 4

Once again, the PlayStation 4 console stars in the latest rumors from the scene. This time, we collect data that could shed new insights into the gameplay system and power. A new control and better technology than its rivals.

At least that is what emerges from the latest leaks published by the middle EDGE, which reveal new information system. Based on these data, we confirm the latest technical features of the console, those that put Orbis with 4 GB of RAM.

Despite this fact, in principle less than 8 GB of Durango, the GDDR5 would solve the effect bottleneck or bottleneck of PlayStation 3. However, the sources consulted by EDGE say the Japanese giant will make every effort to match these benefits to your opponent, increasing the RAM up to 8 GB.

Both systems, the Sony and Microsoft would be built on an 8-core AMD at 1.6 Ghz. Microsoft bet, however by a GPU D3D11.xy Sony by AMD R10XX. The sources are choosing PlayStation 4, which would be more potent than the New Xbox.

It seems that the Dualshock suffer some modifications, but will not be to approximate the GamePad but to control PS Vita. Instead of the Select button, we will have a small touchpad to enhance gameplay.

They add the button to share it in a once clicked; will allow us to store and broadcast videos or pictures with our community. This function will record 15 minutes of our departure, then we could edit and upload to the network PlayStation Eye.

Finally, an enhanced version of PlayStation Eye will play a decisive role in the gameplay and interaction with the gamer. Similarly, PS Move the load again. Around $ 495 which we assume will result in 500 euros.