Resident Evil 6 gets its second major update

After having announced well in advance, so timely Capcom releases a new title patch, which will bring a significant updates to its playability unlock game modes and adjustments in the difficulty levels. Resident Evil 6 continues to improve for continue convincing its users.


Whatever it is what the company will bring in the hand for the future, whether it’s a remake of the great title of Nintendo 3DS RE: Revelations for home consoles, either a Resident Evil 7, the truth is that it does not forget The sixth installment of the main series, the last to see the light and that may have caused more controversy than ever within the franchise. Continue reading Resident Evil 6 gets its second major update

Resident Evil 6 fails to keep up with the sales

The title does not seem to be reaping success by Capcom originally planned, despite a truly triumphant debut on the market. The company has publicly acknowledged that he expected more resistance from Resident Evil 6 in the pace of sales, which has complicated the financial results of the former.


After the first week of December, the title had reached 3.63 million units sold, as the sum total of the two platforms that have seen the light. Figures who aspire to virtually any degree, but perhaps not for those who have such importance as the saga of Capcom. Continue reading Resident Evil 6 fails to keep up with the sales

New details of the first free DLC for Resident Evil 6

After the controversy surrounding the bonus content included in the original disc, Capcom has announced that the first DLC that prepares for Resident Evil 6 come free. Along with this has revealed some details about the content.


Since the jump to light hidden content included in the original title released just a week ago, controversy has surrounded a game already loaded with some controversy. That content, appearing in a file with the name of No Hope, presaged that Capcom already preparing an upcoming DLC, with the disappointment that this always rises when the players have only begun to enjoy the original version. Moreover it is already included in the game: they would pay for something that is already installed. Continue reading New details of the first free DLC for Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6, hunting for FIFA 13

The next installment in the franchise Capcom has entered strongly in stores worldwide. To the point of endangering the reign absolute far FIFA 13.


They are two titles that were recorded figures of record rather than making the sale. Few were those who doubted that the new releases of the most successful franchises of EA Sports and Capcom were going to succeed in putting them in stores worldwide. The first beat unblinking records one by one from their previous game, while for the second, the Japanese company has deployed a number never seen before copies between different establishments. Continue reading Resident Evil 6, hunting for FIFA 13

Become a victim of Resident Evil 6

Capcom has made an application through its official Facebook account through which you can feel in the world of Resident Evil 6, and make you and your family and friends in victims of vicious attack of the zombies. Come in and see how it works.


Many fans are already thinking about how to kill the time we have left to go before the next big project sees the light of Capcom. One option is to download the demo that is now available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and enjoy those first few minutes with the new Resident Evil 6. But you may prefer to wait for the 2nd October to get their hands directly to the full version. Continue reading Become a victim of Resident Evil 6

Does Capcom announced the arrival of Resident Evil 6 for Wii u?

Capcom is expected to announce who will be their first games for the new Wii U with Resident Evil 6 as the main title in hand, it is possible that eventually the new installment of the series make the leap to the Nintendo console, extending the survival shooter genre in its catalog.

resident evil 6

For many, it was a marriage doomed to be understood. With the introduction of Resident Evil 6 by Capcom and especially with the announcement of its release date, many believed that a version for Wii U was a near certainty. However, confirmation was slow in coming, and even the company announced that the mentioned title would not be among the launch games for Nintendo’s new console. Continue reading Does Capcom announced the arrival of Resident Evil 6 for Wii u?