Early reviews of the Wii U Virtual Console

The Virtual Console on Wii U has begun receiving the first reviews. The games would be released in this service using the 50 Hz mode, much maligned among gamers. The difference between these titles and running at 60 Hz is evident, why has spread discontent. Most striking of all, it only applies to European players.


The site Eurogamer has echoed a new problem on Wii U. Players of this platform have expressed discomfort when downloading the title Balloon Fight NES and verify that this works at 50 Hz, decreasing the speed in execution compared to other regions, where the title does work at 60 Hz.

This is the same problem that occurred in the Virtual Console on Wii U. Given that users will have to pay again for downloaded titles on this platform (with a large discount, of course), it’s understandable discomfort generated. And, as you see, the news has spread like wildfire. Continue reading Early reviews of the Wii U Virtual Console