Call into the question of the future of Wii U before the release of the next generation of consoles

A new analyst has joined the voices that suggest that the new Nintendo console will suffer some lock once Sony and Microsoft put on the market its new Xbox and Playstation 4. Before the release of these, Wii U will fail to maintain the momentum of sales currently showing, forcing the Big N to adapt its strategy to continue to be on top.

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Because currently, while sales of the new platform have not succeeded in overcoming in number to what its predecessor did in that time, that it has succeeded, according to the company, it recently announced raise more benefits than that, so its leaders could do another thing that show happy, even more so in the economic context that is living in the moment. Continue reading Call into the question of the future of Wii U before the release of the next generation of consoles

Early reviews of the Wii U Virtual Console

The Virtual Console on Wii U has begun receiving the first reviews. The games would be released in this service using the 50 Hz mode, much maligned among gamers. The difference between these titles and running at 60 Hz is evident, why has spread discontent. Most striking of all, it only applies to European players.


The site Eurogamer has echoed a new problem on Wii U. Players of this platform have expressed discomfort when downloading the title Balloon Fight NES and verify that this works at 50 Hz, decreasing the speed in execution compared to other regions, where the title does work at 60 Hz.

This is the same problem that occurred in the Virtual Console on Wii U. Given that users will have to pay again for downloaded titles on this platform (with a large discount, of course), it’s understandable discomfort generated. And, as you see, the news has spread like wildfire. Continue reading Early reviews of the Wii U Virtual Console

Nintendo decides on the level of sales of Wii U

Nintendo to once again stand up for Wii U. The head of the company, Satoru Iwata, has spoken out to say that console sales are not bad and that despite the slowdown is being sold on a constant.


Satoru Iwata, the most visible face of the company, as that thinks. The new console came on the scene by storm, achieving remarkable success that Nintendo obviously hoped to repeat over Christmas. Now, we saw in the last statements of the chain GameStop, we know that the figures were not desired, but few dare to speak of failure, especially looking at the current situation in general terms. Continue reading Nintendo decides on the level of sales of Wii U

New details on the cover of The Cave for Wii U

The Cave will present specific functions in  Wii U. Those responsible for Double Fine, founded by the writer of Monkey Island, are preparing to launch its new project to market. The title, which also will be released on this console, is one of the most anticipated independent proposals next year, a game that will challenge our intellect and will give us great moments of humor.


During our visit to the E3 2012, The Cave was one of the proposals that caught our attention. The title is based on scenarios designed with various challenges which we must overcome using a dynamic character selection. Combining the skills of each player will be crucial to solve each challenge. Continue reading New details on the cover of The Cave for Wii U

Wii U opens its doors to the independent developers

Nintendo has announced that its new console will be compatible with the Unity engine, used by both large and small developers by. This opens the doors to independent studies work for Wii U, which will look like and get major indie games.


Although on many occasions the media we do echo of the independent of the video game industry sector, offer that can be found is quite large, both its quantity and its variety. Large console manufacturers have always been favorable to the development of these games, although not always have the necessary mechanisms to boost the sector hard. Continue reading Wii U opens its doors to the independent developers

New statements on the graphics power of Wii U

The head of the franchise Dynasty Warriors explained part of their experience with the new Nintendo platform. The franchise is preparing his arrival Wii U, a detail that has allowed us new clues about the potential of the platform and its performance to graphic level.


During an interview with the website Eurogamer in the Tokyo Game Show 2012, Akihiro Suzuki, producer of the series Dynasty Warriors, said the experience of its development team with the adaptation of the series to the Wii successor, saying it has been a great challenge due to technology system: “For games like Dynasty Warriors and Warriors Orochi, when you have a lot of enemies coming at you at once, the performance is resentful due to CPU,” and added: “Dealing with this is a challenge.” Continue reading New statements on the graphics power of Wii U

New details on the capabilities of the Wii U GamePad

Nintendo has revealed more details about the functioning and autonomy of Wii GamePad, the innovative leadership of the new console. The Japanese giant has confirmed that the two controls compatible games will not arrive until next year and explained in figures the extent of its range, key to playing in our control to platform games without relying on the screen of our TV.

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During an interview with website 1Up, Bill Trinen, one of the most visible faces of Nintendo of America, explained how the new command Wii U, which allows integrated display different gaming experiences based on asymmetric gameplay. His statements have been most prolific as they have revealed interesting data: the autonomy of the pad radius and when we can enjoy titles designed for two-screen controls. Continue reading New details on the capabilities of the Wii U GamePad

The presentation will know the date and price of Wii U

Nintendo has announced the hour will begin its next and imminent conference, where the company is expected to finally announce the release date and price of its Wii U. Learn how to view live this highly anticipated Nintendo Direct.


Shortly they will end the rumors, speculations and forecasts that have been fueling the hype around Wii U. Have been months and months of alleged leaked information and, above all, dancing figures and dates run wild glad or who are willing to get his hands and the new Nintendo console. Continue reading The presentation will know the date and price of Wii U

New technology leaks about Wii U

As we approach launch, the leaks about the technical potential of Wii U will happen. Then collect the latest details revealed on the Web a console with three cores, large processing capacity and 8 GB hard drive. Are these the features of the console?

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The September 13th, Nintendo will offer a lecture crucial for the future of Wii U. It expects the company to disclose the launch date and price of the console, one of the major enigmas of the system. Similarly, players are impatient to know the technology that will house the hardware, another major mystery, as you know, have led to countless rumors. Continue reading New technology leaks about Wii U

Nintendo says the arrival of the best franchises to Wii U

Another great franchise reaches the new Wii U. Those responsible for carrying out their version of Mass Effect 3 are working on bringing another saga of great prestige to the new Nintendo console. Wii U seems willing to surround himself with the best titles on the market.

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Despite the blockbuster registered, Nintendo does not want to repeat the experience of veteran Wii: a console that soon was relegated in the market. Its limited capabilities compared to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and little consistency among players (many ended up relegating it to second place), prevented Nintendo console could enjoy the premiere of most big franchises coming to multiplatform stores, which had two clear consequences. On the one hand, substantially diminish its appeal among hardcore gamers, and on the other, enclosed in the development of their own sagas and games. Continue reading Nintendo says the arrival of the best franchises to Wii U